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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Garbage in the Studio; Shirley Solo Album Panned

submitted by Deena

The February issue of Maxim magazine announced that Garbage is back from "hiatus" and in the studio preparing their fifth full-length album. If this is true, it looks like they'll be taking a bit of a different direction with this endeavor.

In a July 2007 interview with Billboard magazine, drummer Butch Vig said:

"If we want to continue making records, we don't necessarily want to repeat ourselves.... I think we're interested in making something that's much more sort of primal and stripped down. More Neil Young 'Tonight's the Night' meets Leonard Cohen meets Mazzy Star--druggy, bummer music. Not necessarily druggy, but melancholy and bittersweet.

"It'll probably be commercial suicide, but the music business is so f*cked up now, maybe it'll be the most inaccessible record of our career and we'll have it be the biggest hit."


In other Garbage-related news, Shirley Manson revealed that her solo album release has been postponed indefinitely by her label, Warner Bros. Records.

The long-rumored Manson solo album has been connected with a number of big name co-collaborators--everyone from Jack White to Billy Corgan to Beck--though none of these names have been confirmed. But regardless of musicians' support, the project has reached an impasse.

In an April 14 interview with The Scotsman, she explains:

"I had a lot of material, but unfortunately I played it for my record label and they thought it was very 'noir', which I took as a huge compliment until I got home and realised they didn't mean it as a compliment at all. I think, maybe, they have a different idea of the kind of career I should have to the one that I want."

However, The Scotsman article seems to contradict the Maxim announcement: "She says she's done with Garbage, for the moment at least. 'I just got to the point where I couldn't sing Stupid Girl any more,' she says wryly. 'I'm far too smart for that.'"

I guess time will tell, folks.


Scott said...

Hmmm, I can't decide if I'd prefer a solo Shirley album or full band album. The last couple Garbage releases haven't blown me away but I'd probably put my faith in Butch Vig over her alone...

And that is one seriously hot photo of Shirley, by the way. Good find!

Deena said...

Yeah, in many ways Shirley does "make" the band, but at the same time, I can't imagine what her stuff would be like without them.

And although the short blonde "Androgyny" era Shirley hair was not my favorite, I really thought her pose was just great in the photo. Thank you Google image search!