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Monday, April 13, 2009

Current listening - How Do You Sleep

On those rare occasions when I listen to top 40 radio (pretty much only in the car), I still get excited to discover a new song I like. The great thing about radio is it provides anonymity for the artists. You can hear a song and start to like it without knowing who recorded it.

That's the case for "How Do You Sleep." I was surprised to find out the singer was Jesse McCartney. I'm glad I didn't know this at first, because I might never have given the song a chance. But it's one of those fun summer pop songs with an easily relatable lyric.

And it's got a cameo from Ludacris! Luda has pretty much established himself as the greatest cameo rapper of all-time. His work in this area is unparalleled. His verse on Usher's "Yeah!" may be the best cameo rap ever. Someday perhaps I'll do a blog post about this.

Video: Jesse McCartney featuring Ludacris - How Do You Sleep

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