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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Concert and personal updates

The 2014 Pittsburgh 3 Rivers Arts Fest lineup looks pretty solid. You can't go wrong with Jeff Tweedy, Amos Lee, and the Kaiser Chiefs. I’m especially excited about the weekend of June 14-15, when Lucinda Williams and Jake Bugg play on consecutive nights. I’ll be back in the Burgh that weekend and hope to check out both shows.

I've been a big Bugg fan since last year, when I discovered his Buddy Holly soundalike "Lightning Bolt." This kid has potential. And I've always wanted to see Lucinda but haven't had the chance yet.

And the personal update for anyone interested - my online empire continues to expand, as I’ve now created websites for Chicago Skiing and Boston Camping. In addition, I started a yoga mat buyers guide called Yogauthority and a site that details the photography policies of museums across the country titled Is Photography Allowed? (click here to visit).

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