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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The annual life and writing update

Checking in with updates on my concert life and my freelance writing career. Last fall, I attended several great shows in Chicago, notably Sigur Ros and Stevie Nicks with the Pretenders. I also saw Kishi Bashi, who is a very underrated performer.

For the first time in 10 years - since before I started this blog - I no longer cover music for any outlet. I dropped my freelance position with axs.com to focus solely on my own niche websites. Writing for AXS was a nice gig, and I got to attend the 2016 Grammy Awards as a member of the press, something I will always consider a great career achievement.

I recently sold one of my biggest websites, so now I'm focusing on a few new ones. My latest is Broomball Universe, which covers the niche sport of broomball (amateur hockey in tennis shoes on ice.)

I'll be in Pittsburgh for a few weeks this summer and hopefully will get to attend some Arts Fest shows.

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