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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ike Reilly, wiseass extraordinaire

Point State Park, Pittsburgh: June 12, 2007

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Five years ago this week I started an internship at Little Big Man, and was introduced to a ton of new artists that were represented by the company. One of them was Ike Reilly, a wiseass singer-songwriter with a distinctive voice and a talent for writing clever words. His 2001 album Salesmen and Racists took a prominent spot in my CD collection for some time.

I haven't seen or heard much from Ike recently until tonight, when The Ike Reilly Assassination played the 3 Rivers Arts Festival. Their performance was refreshing, no frills, straight-ahead rock n roll... loud drums, snappy choruses, and quick, effective guitar solos. Reilly only played one song I recognized from Salesmen but it was a good one - "Hip Hop Thighs #17," one of his best wordplays. Take a seat, Jason Mraz.

Reilly's band was excellent and added solid harmonies to "Duty Free" and "When Irish Eyes are Burning," and the keys were the star of several songs, including "8 More Days Till the 4th of July." I wasn't planning to stay for the whole show - I figured I'd catch a half hour or so and then head home - but once the show started, I couldn't leave my seat, which is about the best thing I can say about a show like this.

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