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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I long for D'Arcy and Slash


The Smashing Pumpkins are touring this fall, and there's even (shockingly) a Pittsburgh date. I'm not going, though, because it ain't the real Smashing Pumpkins without D'arcy and James Iha. I hate when bands try to pull off reunion tours when it's not even the real band.

The most egregious instance of this, of course, was when Axl Rose and a bunch of nobodies went on tour a few years ago and called themselves Guns N Roses. I despise Axl Rose. I'm sick of reading about how everyone is waiting for his record to come out. I've been reading this since the late '90s. Enough already. When it comes to Chinese Democracy, put me in the 'I couldn't care less' camp.


Malcolm said...

I saw The Smashing Pumpkins when they headlined Lolla 94. They were subs for Nirvana, who was scheduled to headline the tour. I agree w/ you about the so-called reunion. It won't be the same with James and D'arcy.

The host of a sports radio show that I listen to saw "Guns N Roses" last November. He was a fan from the "Appetite For Destruction" days and was really looking forward to reliving his youth. The host said that he was sorely disappointed. According to him, Axl sounded like Louis Armstrong. He added that this was no disrespect to Louis, but he expected to hear vintage Axl.

Scott said...

I'm not surprised - when Axl sang on the MTV awards a couple years go, he sounded really bad!