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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everything's gonna be alright...

Alicia Keys blew onto the scene in 2001 with "Fallin'," and proceeded to win boatloads of Grammys and critical acclaim, but the funny thing is, she didn't have another really good song on that first record. In fact, since then, she's had a handful of hits, but nothing that could even come close to the perfection of her first single. I was starting to toss her into the "overrated" category.

Now, finally, she's released a worthy successor to "Fallin'" - the R&B/pop song "No One." I love the lyrics, I love the vocal, and I especially love the way she sings "Everything's gonna be alright." I don't know why, but that just does it for me. It's such a joyful, optimistic song, and I guess after listening to stuff like Radiohead and The National lately, I'm in the mood for something upbeat.

Video: Alicia Keys - No One

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WWH said...

I agree completely. I also like the special way she sings 'Everthing's gonna be alright'. This is just amazing.
I'm a professor for economics at an UK university. I always play a song before starting a lecture. It's good for the mood of students. I will use this song in my revision lectures when preparing students for exams. Kids will love it. I'm sure.