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Monday, March 3, 2008

Brand new Madonna song with Justin Timberlake

The upcoming Madonna duet with Justin Timberlake has leaked out. Early reaction to "4 Minutes to Save the World" has been mixed, but the song has really grown on me after a few listens. I'm loving the horns. The hip-hop influenced track is produced by Timbaland.

Madonna hasn't hit #1 on Billboard since "Music" in 2000, but I'm betting this song returns her to the top of the charts.

To hear it, play this clip NOW because Warner Music has been pulling these videos down from YouTube and other sites all day. The link certainly won't work in a few hours.

1 comment:

Deena said...

I only had time to listen it once, but I'm feeling only so-so about it. Madonna's vocals are so low they hardly sound like her; in fact, the song isn't vocally remarkable at all. I'd expect more from these two. The beat is good but it may as well be Usher's "Yeah." And do we really need another one of those?