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Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all about the clubs

Posted by Scott

When Nelly's Hot in Herre came out in 2002, I despised that song. I thought it was the most stupid, pointless thing I'd ever heard.

And then one night I was in a club in NYC and Hot in Herre came on. Everyone went nuts, people were dancing like crazy, and in an instant I gained an appreciation for that song. I realized that sometimes a song might not have any particular artistic merit, but that's ok if its entire purpose is to make you dance.

I bring this up because the same thing has recently happened for me with Janet Jackson's latest, Feedback. Now, Janet's career has been dead since Nipplegate, and rightfully so - her songs have sucked since then.

My initial reaction to Feedback was that it struck me as a boring track with gratuitous (and lame) use of the vocoder effect. But then I heard it on a dance mix CD. Now I'm down with it. Even if the rest of the country isn't.


Deena said...

It's not bad for a first listen, though the video...eh. I'd cut out the last 30 seconds of that song, though--you know, where it sounds like it ended but comes back pointlessly? But yeah, I'd shake my ass to that any day.

Scott said...

yeah, I really didnt even watch the video...