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Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys snub Leroi Moore

2/11 UPDATE: Today the Grammys released a stunningly callous non-apology claiming that Moore wasn't included in the tribute because there wasn't time to include everyone who had died in the past year. In other words, they didn't accidentally leave him out of the video - they intentionally left him out, because he wasn't important enough. Simply unbelievable.

As we noted during our live blog of the 2009 Grammys, Leroi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band was shockingly omitted from the ceremony's video montage of those who died in the past year, even as numerous lesser-known musicians were included.

Clearly this was an oversight; there is no way they would intentionally slight someone who had 12 Grammy nominations and 1 win over the years. In fact, when Moore died last August, the recording academy's president, Neil Portnow, released the following statement: "Grammy winner LeRoi Moore was a versatile and inventive saxophonist. A classically trained musician, his love of jazz infused the Dave Matthews Band's music with jazz and funk overtones that helped define the group's eclectic and signature sound. His untimely passing is a loss to music fans everywhere, and our heartfelt sympathies go out to the band, his family and all who were moved by his music."

DMB bassist Stefan Lessard, Roots drummer ?uestlove, and Dave Matthews himself have all expressed their displeasure via Twitter updates, and irate DMB fans are demanding an apology from the academy. See the facebook group here. The DMB message board antsmarching.org has 16 pages of comments from fans regarding the incident.

Let's see if the academy does the right thing and takes responsibility for this grievous error.


BNAC said...

You'd be surprised how often this stuff happens with these things. I remember Don Knots was left off the oscar in memorium segment a few years ago. He made it on the next year (15 or 16 months after he died). Its definitely a screw up...but I would bet the best they'll be able to do is just to add him to next year's reel.
Did they have the guy from the Stooges on there? Hes pretty important and I don't think I saw him on Sunday's reel. Or the guy from Lynard Skynard? I don't remember him either.

Scott said...

I think those two were left out as well. But I don't think either ever won a Grammy.

Clearly, someone screwed up.

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