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Monday, February 23, 2009

We have music from Tinted Windows

We now have music from Tinted Windows, the most controversial band of all-time, or at least it would seem that way based on the vitriolic reaction to the group among bloggers, most of whom hadn't even heard their music yet. The group, comprised of James Iha, Taylor Hanson, Bun E. Carlos and Adam Schlesinger, released its first track to the public today, "Kind Of A Girl."

The song is pure power-pop, which is what I feared when I initially heard the band's lineup. I don't want them to sound like Fountains of Wayne. Hopefully the rest of the record will be a bit more adventurous.

They are signed to S-Curve Records, whose founder/CEO Steve Greenberg first discovered and signed Hanson back in the '90s. The debut record will be release April 21.

MP3: Tinted Windows - Kind Of A Girl

Here's a cheesy introduction to the band. They're going for an early '80s kinda vibe:

Tinted Windows - Promo


Sebass said...

YAY!!! I can finally download the song!

Kahoutek said...

Don't fear power pop, embrace it! Pure fun.

nikaido_05 said...

Tay rules the world.
Brazilian Hanson male fan

Anonymous said...


Salohcin said...

I like what I hear. I love FOW! So if they are anything like that its cool with me. Listening to Taylor's vocals I think they kinda sound like Supergrass with a bit of FOW and some 80's flair. I love the song Kind Of A Girl. To me Adam Schlesinger can't do no wrong and James Iha is smooth on guitar. Can't wait to hear more of their stuff

dani said...


Roasted Twinkie said...

OMG! thank you so much for this! i love the song!!!

Farrakhan Faucet said...

Cheap Trick = Power Pop Gods. Fountains of Wayne, awesome. Smashing Pumpkins without Iha, just another tuneless Billy Corgan solo project. Hanson? Mmmm, you gotta hand it to them, they know how to write a damn fine pop song. God bless Tinted Windows. Long live they rock.

BeckEye said...

I love them. I'm so behind the times though because I JUST discovered they even existed recently. (Just blogged about them yesterday.) I actually like "Messing With My Head" the best. It's like Cheap Fountains of Hanson. :)