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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Michael Jackson song "This is It" finally released

Michael Jackson's new single "This is It" was released on his website at midnight this morning. The mid-tempo track was originally recorded during sessions for the Dangerous album. It's a decent song, with a groove reminiscent of some of his '80s work. His voice blends nicely with those of his brothers, who were brought in to add backing vocals to the track.

"This is It" is actually the same song released by R&B singer Sa-Fire in 1991 under the title "I Never Heard." Jackson's version of more of a straighforward pop arrangement, with orchestral flourishes.

Had the song appeared on Dangerous, it would've stood out like a sore thumb among the more hip hop-influenced tracks on that album.

"This is It" is just a decent song, but it's all but guaranteed to be a worldwide smash given the renewed interest and excitement in Jackson's music since his death. It's likely to be the first of many posthumous releases from Jackson's camp.

And don't forget about This Is It the movie, which comes out in two weeks and has already sold out in many cities around the world. I have my tickets already!

Video: Michael Jackson - "This is It"

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BeckEye said...

Oh, I was hoping it was a cover of that Kenny Loggins song. :)