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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Pittsburgh concerts

photo credit: Leigh Righton

10/7 Japandroids @ Garfield Artworks
I saw this duo at Pitchfork and they blew me away with their ferocious sound. They also noted that since they had a limited amount of time, they were not providing their usual amount of onstage banter, which is usually "fucking amazing," they said. So be prepared for unforgettable banter at this show.

10/1 Taylor Swift @ Mellon Arena
Still just 19, Taylor already has eight hit singles under her belt, and you can expect to hear all of them at this arena show. She's been in the spotlight recently thanks to the Kanye incident, which will probably end up helping her career because of all the attention and sympathy it's brought her, not that the successful teenager needed any extra help.

10/11 AFI @ Club Zoo

The reviews are mixed on whether AFI's new album Crash Love is a mainstream sell-out, or a continuation of the edgy, appealing sound of their last two records, Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground. Either way, this is a band that hasn't headlined a show in Pittsburgh in quite a while, so they're worth checking out.

Others to keep in mind:
10/3 Social Distortion @ Ches-A-Rena
10/3 The White Tie Affair @ University of Pittsburgh
10/6 Cowboy Junkies @ Byham Theater
10/8-9 Mike Doughty @ Club Cafe
10/10 Carbon Leaf @ Duquesne University
10/16 They Might Be Giants @ Mr. Small's
10/16 The Tragically Hip @ Byham Theater
10/21 Shooter Jennings @ Mr. Small's
10/23 The Damned @ Diesel
10/24 Silversun Pickups @ Ches-A-Rena
10/25 Keller Williams @ Mr. Small's
10/29 Soulive @ Rex Theatre
10/30 Phil Vassar @ Pepsi Cola Roadhouse


BeckEye said...

Ches-A-Rena? CHES-A-RENA??? That place still exists?? Oh man, I used to go roller skating there when I was a kid. Do they still have skating or is it a music venue now?

Scott said...

Good question! This is the first show I've heard of happening there. I think you have to make a visit when you're back in the Burgh.