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Monday, February 15, 2010

Jay-Z agrees: We are the World remake was a terrible idea

When I heard there was going to be a remake of "We are the World," I was immediately horrified. I knew there was a less than zero chance of the remake matching the quality and emotional impact of the original.

Now, Jay-Z has become one of the first superstars to publicly agree. He told MTV News that the song was untouchable and shouldn't have been remade. He suggested those interested in helping Haiti write a new song.

"I appreciate the efforts and everything," he said, "but 'We Are The World' is untouchable like Thriller is untouchable. Some things are just untouchable. It was a valiant effort, but for me, it's gonna be untouchable."

Well said.

I have no idea if the new version has been officially released yet; I've been trying to avoid it at all costs. The thought of Justin Bieber singing with Barbra Streisand with Miley Cyrus with Lil Wayne just makes my head spin. This has "clusterfuck" written all over it.

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