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Monday, May 10, 2010

WYEP's 913 songs from the last decade that matter

Since my early exposure to Casey Kasem at age 5, I've always been a fan of music countdowns, especially ridiculously long countdowns. I'm currently working on a list of my favorite 100 songs of all-time, which I expect to take several months to put together.

Right now WYEP is airing its 913 songs that matter from the last decade - that would be 2000-2009. Tune to 91.3 or head to wyep.org to stream the countdown live. I've already heard some good stuff I wouldn't otherwise hear, like a gem from Tracy Chapman called "America" that I missed when it came out five years ago.

If you can play music while you work, give it a listen. It'll be my soundtrack for the rest of the week.


BeckEye said...

Arrgh, I forgot to send them my picks.

Scott said...

Me too. We should send them in and demand they re-tabulate the results.

Tony D said...

Do you already know what your top 5 are?