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Friday, April 20, 2007

Buy me Amanda Palmer's Volvo

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls is selling her beat-up 1992 Volvo station wagon on eBay. Why? Because she can.

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"I bought this car in 1999. It has about 168,000 miles on it. I love this car. But its time to go car-free. I am a globe-trotting, plane-taking, train-taking motherfucker. Plus my parents are getting irritated that the thing is sitting in their driveway. The poor car, all Sad and Alone.

Ok, it wont start (which is why I ditched it there before the last tour) but I am guessing, in my most honest of estimates, that it doesn't need more than $500 of work to get it running and then it will be good for another life."

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Drummer Brian Viglione offers his testimonial:

"What a rich history this car has had...from our first tours around the region, the treks back and forth between NYC and Shokan for the making our our records, the Jeep Song reference, the very seat where Coin-Operated boy was conceived, and all the other intimate details of ones life that transpire over the coarse of ownership of that beloved, blue vehicle. And on top of it, it was the most spacious model of station wagon that Volvo has offered and, aside from the broken doors, can easily accommodate haul a number of heavy and/or oddly shaped objects or people."

It was removed from eBay's site last night because eBay was mad it was listed as music memorabilia instead of automobiles, but Amanda promises to get it back online soon. It will probably go for several thousand dollars... if only I had that kind of disposable income!


ashley said...

Do you still have it???
And if so, how much???


sarah said...

i'd love to have that as my first car. haha. amanda palmer is so boss. <3