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Monday, April 16, 2007

Conor Oberst: oldest boy genius in the world

I was going to use this space to praise a certain music magazine's recent review of the new Bright Eyes album. I was going to link to it, and talk about how the opening line was brilliant, how it was so much better than anything I could've written, and how it made me journalistically insecure.

But when I went to find said review on this magazine's website, it wasn't there. It's infuriating that some major music publications don't have their magazine content online. So instead I'm going to praise one of their competitors: Rolling Stone. RS takes a lot of heat sometimes but at least their website is easy to navigate and contains most everything from the magazine.

As for the aforementioned Bright Eyes release, I've only had time to listen through once but I'm liking it so far. And it allows me an opportunity to post the photo of myself with Conor, after a show at Club Laga in 2004. I've gotten my photo taken with a handful of artists, but Conor is the most famous, so here's a gratuitous shot:

He said he liked my coat. (But then, who wouldn't?)

By the way, if you Google "Conor Oberst" and "boy genius," you get 1,910 hits. Make that 1,911, after this blog gets submitted to the search engines...

And while we're being gratuitous, here's the outstanding video for one of my favorite songs of all time, "First Day Of My Life." Performed by Bright Eyes, directed by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Shortbus).


xh said...

this guy is indeed something unique

Anonymous said...

i agree. 'first day of my life' is deffinitly my favorite song. it is extremly sweet and uplifting. conor is a very gifted artist.

Anonymous said...

Photo is great!

Leigh. said...

Correction: there are 14,200 hits after googling "conor oberst boy genius"