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Friday, April 13, 2007

Her name is Rio, and she closes the goddamn door

The other day I came across Duran Duran’s Rio video, while a copy of the Rolling Stone with Panic! At the Disco on the cover was sitting on my table, and it struck me that these two are EXACTLY THE SAME BAND. Of course this comparison has been made before, but I never realized just how accurate it was.

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Duran Duran was known as much for their sharp style, cool hair and good looks as for their catchy pop ditties, just like P!ATD. Both bands received their fair share of scorn for this. The difference is that, over time, people came around and gave respect to Duran Duran, while it hasn’t happened yet for P!ATD. No matter, though. I think that’s part of the reason RS decided to put Panic on the cover. They realize that while they may get some criticism for it now, years from now it will make sense.

And, since RS once put Duran Duran on the cover...

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BeckEye said...

Arrgh, ok...I haven't heard a TON of Panic at the Disco's stuff, but I don't know about this comparison. I mean, I am/was/will always be a die-hard Durannie. And what I have heard of PATD, I'm not really too impressed with. I think The Killers sound more like the Double D than PATD...or at least they did on their first record.

And as if any of those guys are nearly as hot as John Taylor. Ha! :P