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Thursday, October 4, 2007

I know Christopher Cross's social security number

And I also have Kevin Dubrow (drummer for Quiet Riot)'s cell phone number.

Isn't that exciting?!

Nah, it's lame, but I do have them. I was going through all my crap in the basement and stumbled upon these, among the artifacts I have from my years with the two music business agencies I worked for. Wouldn't it be fun to get drunk some night and prank call Kevin at 4 in the morning, and when he picks up, just start screaming, "COME ON FEEL THE NOISE!!"

I have other random shit, some of which actually isn't lame - riders for Nelly Furtado and Busta Rhymes... several music video proposals that a bunch of directors sent to Semisonic for the track Singing in my Sleep, including the winning proposal from Chris Applebaum...

Maybe after my next move, when I'm settled in, I can realize my goal of having an entire room dedicated to music stuff.

Here, enjoy some Christopher Cross and/or Quiet Riot...


Coaster Punchman said...

An actual post entitled "I have Christopher Cross's Social Security Number!"

You and I should talk. You obviously have it in you to become a cyberstalker of the utmost variety.

Scott said...

Hmmm... I admit to nothing and never will!

BeckEye said...

And yet you've managed to resist the urge to steal Christopher Cross's identity. You are a strong, strong man.