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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Panic! drops exclamation point; punctuation lovers mourn

The news that Panic! at the Disco will now be known as Panic at the Disco (sans exclamation point) has made punctuation lovers like myself sad.

We've been in the middle of a long punctuation drought recently. Shania Twain was always the queen of punctuation. Her 1997 album Come On Over featured no fewer than 23 punctuation marks among its 16 songs, with titles such as "Whatever You Do! Don't!" and "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" But Shania's been away for years, so we can't count on her to satisfy our punctuation fix.

I'm going to have to start listening to bands like Los Campesinos! and You Say Party! We Say Die! I'm hopeful they will start a new trend.

And now, an mp3 of the most ridiculous punctuation song in history ("Babe, I wanna hold you in parentheses.")

MP3: Dan Baird - I Love You Period


BeckEye said...

RIDICULOUS??? I freaking LOVE that song! As a so-called writer and frequent taker-of-English-classes to keep my QPA up, I more than get the gist of Dan's senti-meeent.

I also love exclamation points. I always laugh when I see that episode of "Seinfeld," where Elaine breaks up with a guy because he didn't use one when he wrote down a phone message for her.

Scott said...

I enjoy that song as well. It's still ridiculous though.

That's a great episode of Seinfeld!