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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pimping other blogs and posting random mp3s

It's been a slow start to the new year, in terms of new posts, so I thought I'd highlight a couple of recent changes to my blogroll.

Under the Rotunda is a great blog loaded with concert reviews. It makes me wish I lived in Chicago so I could attend all those shows. His Best Albums of 2007 is an entertaining read.

The Torture Garden is another site I read a lot. Check out his Favorites of 2007. The pictures are great, and it's beautifully written - almost poetic.

Finally, some mp3s which have absolutely nothing to with each other, except that they've been high on my playlist lately...
MP3: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Rich Woman (from Raising Sand)
MP3: LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (from LCD Soundsystem)
MP3: Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (from LP)
MP3: St. Vincent - Now, Now (from Marry Me)


BeckEye said...

I love LCD Soundsystem. They're like aural LSD.

How did you get listed on Hype Machine? I submitted my blog, I post mp3s periodically, I take 'em down after a reasonable length of time...what am I doing wrong? Why won't they love me???? :)

Oh, I saw this in Prefix Mag's Top 10 albums of 2007 article and thought of you immediately. It's part of their write-up on "Neon Bible."

The wild and not-so-innocent shuffles of rockers like “Keep the Car Running,” “Intervention,” and “(Antichrist Television Blues)” actually manage to out-boss the Boss in their ability to meld the longing for possibility with the raging, propulsive torrents of mainlined rock ’n’ roll. Full of grandeur and idiosyncrasy, darkness and celebration, prog and pop, this hydra-headed art band sprints where so many others (from U2 to the Killers) have stumbled: Arcade Fire has crafted a desperately ambitious, daring sophomore album that deftly maneuvers among the big issues while facing impossible expectation. Like an old Springsteen track, but with more hurdy-gurdy and pipe organ, these tramps were born to run.

I think the stage is being set for an Arcade Fire/Bruce & the E Street Band collaboration. It will most certainly be better than watered-down U2 and over-hyped Green Day.

Scott said...

Thanks, that's a cool excerpt. (I was incredibly unimpressed with U2 & Green Day as well.)

I tried a few times before Hype finally listed me... it seems to be a bit of a mystery as to which blogs they approve. I don't have any real insight, unfortunately.

I just know that I get a shit-ton of hits from them... they're keeping me in business!