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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Day break out Foxboro Hot Tubs alter egos on Last Call with Carson Daly

Green Day rocked the Last Call with Carson Daly stage tonight, performing several songs of new material and two as their Foxboro Hot Tubs alter egos. The performances will air next week, split into four separate shows from Tuesday through Friday (June 9-12.)

We were fortunate to part of the intimate crowd of 200, watching as the punks-turned-rock operaists played five songs from their acclaimed new album 21st Century Breakdown, opening with their latest pop triumph, "Know Your Enemy." Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt were joined by three other musicians - guitarist Jason White, who played with the band on the American Idiot Tour; Jason Freese on piano and saxophone; and Jeff Matika on guitar and vocals.

"21 Guns" was the emotional highlight of the evening. Tre's ferocious drumming took the ballad to heights far beyond the studio version of the song. "Static Age" was rather pedestrian until Freese hit the stage with a rockin' sax solo. The band also tore through "Murder City," "East Jesus Nowhere" and the title track before taking an intermission and returning as the beer-guzzling, mayhem-causing Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Armstrong and his bandmates spilled beer everywhere and invited hot girls onstage during their two songs as Foxboro Hot Tubs. During "Stop Drop and Roll" Armstrong tossed cans of PBR (with their labels covered with blue tape) into the audience, even though much of the crowd was under 21.

Prior to the performance, Daly conducted a rather boring interview with the band, touching on the Walmart controversy, the concept of the new record, and working with Butch Vig. Tre Cool provided the only excitement of the interview portion, first by answering "Sperm" when Daly asked, "What is the glue that holds you guys together?", then by stealing a monkey head from Daly's mantle and proceeding to make out with it.

We're unable to provide any photos, as cameras (and even cell phones) were banned from the studio. However, Carson Daly himself twittered this photo. It's horribly blurry but at least it's something:

Green Day's performance on Last Call with Carson Daly airs next week, June 9-12.


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Yes, Kevin Preston joined them for the Foxboro Hot Tubs portion of the performance. So they had seven musicians, if you're really counting closely.