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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shook the bones of me


Easy Street Records in-store performance

Seattle, WA

June 19, 2009

Our summer road trip took us to Seattle yesterday, where Virginia rockers Carbon Leaf played an in-store concert at Easy Street Records in the funky neighborhood of Queen Anne.

The acoustic performance – two guitars, drums, and an upright bass – took place just a few hours before their full-length show at Showbox.

The band was relaxed and engaging as they played five songs, opening with “Life Less Ordinary,” perhaps their most well-known tune, before moving into four tracks from the new record Nothing Rhymes with Woman. The harmonies were solid and the new songs were well-done.

Frontman Barry Privett sipped on Vitamin Water and said the drink has been added to the band’s rider, joking, “When I was a kid, this was called Kool Aid. I never knew it had so many vitamins.”

The band’s setlist:
Life Less Ordinary
Another Man’s Woman
Miss Hollywood
Drops of Rain

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Anonymous said...

Any idea where I can get a soundboard rip of that concert. It was amazing.