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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird Al releases "Craigslist" collaboration with Ray Manzarek

Weird Al Yankovic, hard-working genius that he is, has just released a new Internet-only track. Entitled "Craigslist," the song is an original work done in the style of the Doors, and Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek even plays on the track.

The video features Al doing his best Jim Morrison with trippy backgrounds and scenescapes behind him. It's pretty funny. The track is currently available for download from iTunes and the other usual digital outlets.

Video: Weird Al Yankovic - "Craigslist"


Phil Johnson said...

Al is a master of the parody game. It's why I work in different areas of comedy music than parody. No point battling a gorilla with a toothpick. :)

His band is incredibly talented. More than people give them credit for. Check out this Zappa-ish take on "Genius In France" http://twt.fm/162627

Scott said...

His band is indeed very good, and he puts on a fun live show.