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Thursday, November 19, 2009

That epic Lady Gaga / Michael Bolton duet

This week it was revealed that Lady Gaga would be ineligible for Best New Artist at the 2010 Grammys. But, no worries for Gaga. She's still eligible in other categories for that Michael Bolton duet.

Wait... Michael Bolton duet? Yes, everyone's favorite mullet-wearing balladeer teamed up with Gaga for his new song "Murder My Heart." It's officially credited to Michael Bolton featuring Lady Gaga, but you can only hear her singing backup vocals on one or two lines in the entire song.

Still, if you were Michael Bolton, wouldn't you do anything to try to revive your long-dead career? Giving a recording credit to the hottest artist in the world is definitely a smart idea.

Video: Michael Bolton featuring Lady Gaga - "Murder My Heart"


BeckEye said...

I've really started to like Gaga, but I don't like that Bolton song.

I did, however, love her song "Fever," which Adam Lambert ruined. My Adam. He's just disappointing me left and right these days.

Scott said...

Hmm I still have to check out that Adam Lambert album.