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Monday, November 9, 2009

I call bullshit on Owl City

When I first heard the Owl City song "Fireflies," I was floored. It's such a ripoff of Ben Gibbard/The Postal Service, I can't even believe it.

Lots and lots of ignorant teens are downloading the song, thinking it's some cool new sound. But the song is a disgrace because it's so derivative.

I've held by tongue long enough on this horrible band, but now that the song has stunningly reached #1 on Billboard, I have to speak out. I guess Owl City is one band I won't be interviewing any time soon.

Decide for yourself.

Video: Owl City - Fireflies


Roberto Cofresi said...

I totally agree. Actually, I have to confess that until now I didn't even realize this wasn't the Postal Service. I've heard it lately in passing and just assumed it was some previously unreleased track. Now that I listen to it through, I guess the refrain is a little too pedestrian to be Gibbard, but otherwise it's a spot-on impression.

Anonymous said...

Just checked out The Postal Service and yes Owl City does sound strikingly similar. Although I have to say I think Owl City has done a much better job. Fireflies is a catchy tune that brightens up the day. The Postal service doesn't produce as good a product. So someone had to perfect the genre.

Matt M said...

I was deceived at first too... but there's so much auto-tune sweetening on this track that Gibbard's voice clearly doesn't need (as his DCFC work illustrates).

Hint to the teenyboppers: if your favorite singer sounds like a computer, it probably is.

Anonymous said...

it's a bullshit tune by a bullshit artists. but: you support this lousy fucker by talking about him, no matter if what you say is positive or negative. was that your intention?

Feather72 said...

His song "hospital flowers" is also a complete ripoff of HeyHiHello's song "Intro" Adam Young really needs to stop stealing from other bands