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Friday, November 13, 2009

Musician Tweet of the week: Joe Perry of Aerosmith goes rogue

This week's Tweet(s) of the week are huge, absolutely huge. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry made waves this week by declaring that singer Steven Tyler had quit Aerosmith. Perry backed up his claims on Twitter this week:

Aerosmith is definetly NOT breaking up. One of the members is doing his own thing and said so in the press. That's all I know.

Inthe meantime aerosmith is positivly looking for a new singer to work with. You just can't take 40 years of expiriance and throwitinthebin!

Replacing Steven Tyler? Good luck with that, Joe. I hear Gary Cherone is available.

Turns out that Tyler and Perry patched things up a couple days later and Tyler confirmed that he's not leaving the band. Rock fans can sleep easy now.



BeckEye said...

I would rather they break up than make another asteroid love song.

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