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Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Three Rivers Arts Fest lineup disappoints

The lineup for the Arts Fest has been revealed, and from my perspective, it's a great big snooze.

The only show I'd be remotely interested in seeing is Kris Kristofferson. Remember the days when the Arts Fest brought us Wilco, Patti Smith, the Psychedelic Furs and Sonic Youth? Even recent years brought us Andrew Bird and the Avett Brothers. This year's lineup just pales in comparison. Too much WYEP soft-pop and not enough ROCKING. Guster hardly qualifies as a rock band to get excited about.

June 4: Alejandro Escovedo
June 5: Guster
June 6: Dirty Dozen Brass Band
June 8: Jason Isbell
June 9: Los Amigos Invisibles
June 10: Ingrid Michaelson
June 11: Kris Kristofferson
June 13: Patty Griffin


HughshowsRedux said...

There is still some hope for the show on the 12th?
Watch it be The Wailers.

BeckEye said...

HEY, I like WYEP!! They're not all soft-pop. But yeah, the only person I really like on here is Patty Griffin, but even she sometimes puts me to sleep.

But Kris Kristofferson is kind of exciting, if only for the small chance that he will sing the unintentionally hilarious "Watch Closely Now" from the unintentionally crappy A Star is Born remake.

Cindy said...

Jason Isbell will be awesome!