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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Martin Bisi to play Brillobox

Any project involving either of the Dresden Dolls is enough to get us excited, so we're happy to report that Dolls drummer Brian Viglione will be appearing at Brillobox in Lawrenceville on May 2. Viglione is actually playing second-fiddle on this appearance, drumming for veteran rock producer Martin Bisi, who is headlining the show.

Bisi's been working behind the scenes since the '70s, when he opened a studio with Brian Eno. Bisi has been at the helm for several Sonic Youth records as well as the Dresden Dolls' debut album. But those aren't the coolest credits on his resume - he also worked on Herbie Hancock's "Rockit."

Bisi moonlights as a musician and is playing headlining shows across the country in support of his 2009 EP Son of a Gun. Check out a short video he made for "Drink Your Wine."

Video: Martin Bisi - Drink Your Wine

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