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Friday, August 6, 2010

Musician tweet of the week: Kanye joins the party

Kanye West joined Twitter just over a week ago and has already been declared one of music's top tweeters. A sample of his tweets:

I love everybody... only thing I don't like is taxes.. me and taxes gone fight

Office clothes are the shit

I need a flight to Brazil soon as possible

hey kaynes nya album ar magiskt.... that shit is crazy... det basta som gjorts pa lange....lyssna pa det and get back to me!!! K&H&C

I hit you people with tweets in a different language!!!!!! haahhahahaaaaa !!!

I got my projector in today for the living room then image is about 13 feet wide 10,000 lumins watching Dark Knight in the day

The Huffington Post recently had some fun matching up Kanye's tweets with New Yorker cartoons.


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