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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bryan Abrams is a waste of humanity, and it's entertaining

I heard about the new VH1 reality show Man Band a while back, and thought it was vaguely interesting - former members of boy bands come together in an attempt to recapture their glory as a new act. I saw from the previews that Chris of *N Sync and one of the 98 Degrees guys were in it, and that's about all I knew.

Then one day I stumbled upon it, and saw that Bryan Abrams of early '90s band Color Me Badd was also one of the participants. That instantly got me hooked! I loved Color Me Badd - they were one of my favorite groups when I was in middle/high school. I could never understand how Bryan got to play the role of the "soulful" one. Then again, none of those guys really had a whole lot of talent. Still, I loved their pop music ditties. "All 4 Love" is still a classic.

Bryan used to be the pretty boy of the group, but unfortunately, he is now an absolute train wreck. He's ballooned to inhumane proportions and is simply a disgusting creature. On the episode I saw, he tries in vain to find his old singing voice, and gets wasted after making a big deal about how he had gotten sober. I may continue watching this show, if only for its Jerry Springer-esque quality of showing people who are absolute messes.

Let's relive the glory days with Color Me Badd from the 1992 American Music Awards. Ok, remind me why I liked them again?

On a similar note, they tried to send Amy Winehouse to rehab, and she said yes, yes, yes... And then left 2 days later.



BeckEye said...

"I loved Color Me Badd - they were one of my favorite groups when I was in middle/high school."

I'm pretty sure that's the first and last time I'll ever read that sentence anywhere. :)

Scott said...

No doubt about that!

Anonymous said...

Haters...haters... bet you are the most attractive thang, aren't you?