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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Missing Out

Hey everybody! For my first post I have a fun but kind of lengthy story to share, so bear with me. I'm excited to be sharing the blogosphere with Scott and look forward to hearing from you!

The other week I was listening to my usual favorite internet radio station at work, and I overheard the DJ ask a trivia question as part of a contest. Instantly, I opened a new email message, typed the answer in the subject line, and hit send. But then I realized something--I had no idea what they were giving away!

Well as it turns out, the prize was two tickets to see a show and attend a meet and greet with the Editors, Hot Hot Heat, and Louis XIV, but it was happening that Friday in Philadelphia, a hefty 5-hour drive (and $20 toll each way on the Turnpike) from Pittsburgh. And as it also turned out...I was the winner.

Although it was an exciting opportunity, I sadly passed up the tickets. That's not to say I didn't go because I disliked any of the bands. I'm actually quite pleased with what I've heard from the Editors and thoroughly enjoy Tom Smith's Interpol-esque vocals (though I find their music generally less boring than Interpol). Hot Hot Heat's quirky sound has been on my radar for years, and equally quirky Louis XIV, whose single "Guilt by Association" is quite catchy, made for what seemed like a nicely-rounded bill.

At any rate, I guess I'll never know how much I really missed out. Maybe I should have asked for an autographed poster or something.

But I really should take a minute to plug the station I won the tickets from--YRock on XPN, a former legitimate radio station in Philadelphia that used to be known as Y100. When their owner, top 10 radio conglomerate Radio One, shut the station down in early 2005, a bunch of the staff went "underground" and started broadcasting as Y100Rocks via Live 365. In August 2006, WXPN, a public radio station affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, took Y100Rocks under its wings, giving it a new name (YRock), bandwidth to transmit 24/7, and even embracing some of YRock's programming on the air at XPN.

For two years, station has been my lifeline to new music since I'm too cheap to have cable, to disgusted to listen to the regular radio, and too lazy to read SPIN or Blender. I highly recommend it.

Okay, I'm done preaching about YRock. Now let's enjoy some of the musical stylings of the bands I missed out on:

Editors, "The Racing Rats" music video

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Scott said...

I've been getting more into internet radio so I'll have to check that station out...

Those are good bands. I saw Hot Hot Heat in 2003 but I don't remember anything about the show, except that they had the volume turned down so low at Club Laga, I could barely hear the singing.