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Friday, February 15, 2008

American Idol Gripes and Predictions

submitted by Deena

Well, the top 24 contestants have been selected for season 7 of American Idol. But there is an element missing from this season--the AI nerd. Every year, among the finely-polished and poised young adults lurked a totally dorky, completely endearing misfit of a contestant. Last year it was heavy-set, spectacled Chris Sligh, the year before we had Kevin Covais aka Chicken Little, or my personal nerd crush, Clay Aiken from Season 2.

Unfortunately, this year we saw the nerd populus turned away. Already a favorite among watchers, Kyle Ensley (above) was sent packing when the final cuts were made, despite an emotional protest from Simon. What contestant will step up to the plate now and tug on the dork heartstrings of veiwers? Will it be this guy?

Which brings me to another gripe--if these people were worthy enough to make it to the top 24, why do I not even remember seeing half of them during the audition city programs?

At any rate, I'll probably change my mind as the show progresses, but my personal pick for "contestant to watch" is 18-year-old Danny Noriega, whose fresh voice, excellent stage presence, and control of the microphone make him quite a nice package.

Don't let me down, Danny! If not him, hopefully someone will make the show worth watching this season...


Scott said...

Wow... Simon argued for a guy to stay but the others sent him home? Isn't it usually the other way around?

BeckEye said...

I was sure that Kyle would stay. Every season needs its nerdy whipping boy. RIght now, VoteFortheWorst.com is backing Danny Noriega, based on his performance of "Jailhouse Rock" the other night. I think that will change though, because he has a great voice. And you can't be flamboyant AND dorky.

David Archuleta is a total goober, but he can really sing, so I don't think he'll qualify for the nerd spot. I think Garrett will be gone after tonight, so not him either. It's a tough call.

Scott said...

Ah, Vote for the worst! I forgot about that site... that makes it more interesting for me.