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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Disturbing Music Videos

submitted by Deena

For all your sleepless nights...

8 Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance, 1993
A mortician, played by Petty, hijacks the dead body of a beautiful woman from the morgue, dresses her up, dances around with her, then dumps her in the ocean. Creepiest part: the close-up on his plastic-gloved finger running over her lips.

7 The Cars - You Might Think, 1984
This pick isn't disturbing in the same sense as the other videos, but still--Rick Okasic's shrunken head and/or the entire shrunken band stalking some girl? Kinda gives me the jibblies. Creepiest part: Rick's head, on the body of an insect, licks its lips un-sexily while flying towards her face.

6 Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun, 1994

The apocalypse comes to super-happy suburbia in this video, which was full of exaggerated character archetypes and facial expressions. I actually started to dislike the song because of the video. Creepiest part: The woman trying to cut the fish towards the beginning of the video.

5 Radiohead - Paranoid Android, 1997
There is something unbelievably bleak about the lives of the characters depicted in this animated music video. Creepiest part: Fat, bald business man offers to rescue kid on top of lamp post and in doing so takes off his clothes to reveal a spiked black leather man-thong.

4 Robbie Williams - Rock DJ, 2000

To impress a bunch of indifferent, rollerskating supermodels, Robbie Williams performs an utterly revealing striptease--right down to the bone. Creepiest part: The supermodels appear turned on when he starts throwing bloody skin and muscle at them.

3 Queens of the Stone Age - Sick, Sick, Sick, 2007
Evil lady forces band to play while she eats dinner. Each time she rings a bell, a band member is taken away, and shortly afterwards we see her ravenously eating some kind of meat. Eeeeeew. Creepiest part: Watching the woman completely gorge herself by the end of the video.

Unfortunately, I couldn't readily find an embeddable link to this one, so you'll have to click through to YouTube for this one:

2 Tool - Prison Sex, 1994
Generally speaking, all of Tool's videos exude creepy, but I prefer this one, in which a scientist's half-made creation searches for its legs and comes across his master's failed experiments. Creepiest part: Pretty much the scientist--he looks like something out of Alien.

1 Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy, 1997
Richard D. James's face is disturbing by itself; duplicate his face on little children while "I want your soul" is screamed in the background, and I'm curled up in the corner in fear. Creepiest part: The emaciated...thing...that comes out of the TV.


Scott said...

Wow, I'd forgotten about that Rock DJ video! I think the dancing dude with muscle slabs exposed is quite creepy.

My vote is for Nine Inch Nails' Happiness in Slavery.


rob said...

I thought for sure your Tom Petty pick would be the one with the Alice in Wonderland theme where Alice gets baked into a cake and eaten. That one really creeped me out when i was younger, along with Black Hole Sun and You Might Think. And people are really weirded out by the one by the White Stripes that ends with the horse almost stepping on the woman. That one, to me, is mostly baffling rather than creepy.

BeckEye said...

I posted one on my blog a while back that used to give me the creeps when I was younger - "Prime Time" by Alan Parsons Project. It was this creepy looking lady mannequin who came to life. It wasn't at all cute like the Kim Catrall movie.

One version of STP's "Vasoline" is pretty gross too. Some guy at the end tapes stuff to his face and then starts stabbing himself in the face with something. I can't be more specific because I nearly barfed the first time I saw it, and I looked away any time it came on after that.

Deena said...

Thanks for leaving your own personal choices--I'm going to have to check them out!