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Monday, May 19, 2008

My 5 favorite bands, May 2008

It's time for the usual rundown of my favorites...

At some point I may tire of the Dolls' simple piano-and-drum style, but it hasn't happened yet. Next month they release a collection of B-sides, No, Virginia..., featuring some of their well-known concert songs that had never been put to tape. It's quality stuff, especially the jangly first single "Night Reconnaissance." The band is going on tour again this summer, and later this year singer Amanda Palmer releases her solo debut.
MP3: Modern Moonlight (live 10-23-06)

They are the number one reason I purchased Bonnaroo tickets. Whether it's Icelandic, Hopelandic, or instrumental, Sigur Ros make some of the most breathtaking music in the world, and seeing Jonsi play the guitar with a violin bow is a beautiful thing.
MP3: Hljomalind (Hvarf-Heim)

I stand by my assertion that In Rainbows was massively overrated, but it's slowly growing on me, track by track. And the best part about Radiohead is their live show, which never fails to impress. They're playing a whole bunch of festivals this summer, so anyone who still hasn't seen them just isn't trying.
MP3: All I Need (In Rainbows)

I've liked Taylor ever since her cute debut single "Tim McGraw" two years ago. And though I knew she played guitar, I only recently became aware that she also writes her own songs. Playing an instrument and writing one's own material are quite rare in the country music world, especially for an 18-year-old girl. If this is the future of country music, I am all for it.
MP3: Our Song (Taylor Swift)

Last year they were this little band that bloggers adored, with just a 16-minute EP. Now they're signed to Saddle Creek, with a full-length debut, an American tour, national TV appearances, and the same peppy, 2-minute songs. The excellent Elephant Shell is likely to keep them on the road for the rest of the year.
MP3: In a Cave (Elephant Shell)

Others earning consideration: Madonna, Alison Krauss, New Pornographers

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