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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mike Ditka: Worst Rapper Ever

submitted by Deena

So today I happened across a music blog post that listed the "Top 25 Worst Rappers of All Time." Interesting people who had short-lived rap careers on the list included Shaquille O'Neal (I'd nearly forgotten about this), Brian Austen Green, Dee Dee Ramone, Mr. T, and Elvira, although I still haven't decided if it's fair to put these people in the same category as people who've made a career out of rapping like 2 Live Crew (#21), Will Smith (#8) and MC Hammer (#2).

Coming in at #25 was the Chicago Bears for their embarrassing "Super Bowl Shuffle" rap from 1985. However, I was disappointed to see that former Bears coach Mike Ditka had failed to make the top picks. This is a travesty. His "rap" group, the Grabowskis, were about the worst thing I've ever seen:

YouTube: The Grabowski Shuffle


Scott said...

W T F !?

I'm scarred after watching that video... I can't believe that ever really happened!

Deena said...

I KNOW! That's why I was amazed that it was missing from that top 25 list I saw!

Anonymous said...

oh my god
I hate mike ditka for this
I didn't even like him in the first place
but indifference has turned to disdain