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Monday, July 21, 2008

Akon attemps to make Michael Jackson relevant

The upcoming collaboration between Akon and Michael Jackson, "Hold My Hand," leaked online earlier this month. I won't post the mp3 here because the web sheriff has been busy taking it down, but it's not too hard to locate.

Let me first say that I love Akon. The tone of his voice is so appealing, and everything he touches turns to mainstream gold, including collaborations with everyone from Gwen Stefani to Snoop Dogg. Akon and Michael's voices blend together nicely on this midtempo ballad. It's just a sweet, well-put-together song.

One funny thing about the track is that two men singing "Hold My Hand" to each other creates an unintentional homoerotic subtext, something that has been occurring with surprising regularity in recent months in the R&B world (remember Timbaland repeatedly urging Justin Timberlake, "Get your sexy on!")

Evidently "Hold My Hand" is intended for Akon's next album, not Michael's, so the jury is still out as to when Michael will release his follow-up to 2001's embarrassingly bad Invincible. If "Hold My Hand" is any indication, Michael would be wise to work with Akon on the project.


Anonymous said...

I think its so pathetic, when obviously ignorant white trash like you has to constantly think of ways to disrespect people you don't know. Michael Jackson has been relevant since he got into the industry and he will continue to be. No matter how much you wish him not to be. Whats irrelevant is retarded bloggers who don't have a clue. There was nothing wrong with his last or effort or any other effort Mj has produced. Any young R&B, Hip hop, and even rock artist that has recorded in this industry in the past 45 years have been influenced by, if not try to remake or sample Mj's work. Akon is a talented man but please. Your one of a very few who think his voice is so good. Most are annoyed by it. Your ignorant thoughts about MJ needing him or anyone on any track of his to be relevant is bullshit. "Hold my hand" was an alright record. But its not anything special. Thats why its on akons cd not mj's lol. What MJ needs to do is stay focused on his music, and just ignore garbage like you who constantly put him down for no real reason. Other than obvious envy.

Scott said...

Sweet! This is exactly the reason I allow anonymous comments. Otherwise we would be robbed of these name-calling rants - the folks who post them are just too modest to leave their name.

I will only restate two irrefutable truths:
1. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest pop stars in history (in my opinion the greatest.)
2. He has been utterly irrelevant since 1995.

I would be ecstatic if Michael returned to form on the next album, but I'm not holding my breath.