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Saturday, July 12, 2008

China will have a democracy before Axl makes up his mind

I've had it with Axl Rose. I opened up the latest Rolling Stone, which has worthwhile articles on Barack Obama, Bonnaroo, Nas, and Beck, and I almost threw up upon discovering YET ANOTHER ARTICLE on the supposed upcoming Guns 'N Roses album Chinese Democracy, which has been in the works for about 45 years now.

It seems that some of the songs have leaked online. I could go find them to see what they sound like, but I have absolutely no interest. I stopped caring years ago. I despise Axl Rose and his self-important bullshit. His performance at the MTV awards a couple of years ago proved that his voice is shot beyond repair. Why the hell do music publications continue to write about this man and this album? NO ONE CARES!

My favorite thing to happen in music in this decade was when The Offspring announced they would call their 2003 album Chinese Democracy. What a great way to stick it to Axl! But then the bastard actually went to court to block the album's release, so they renamed it to avoid any delays in putting the record out.

Axl, nobody cares about your stupid album that's never going to come out. You stopped being relevant 15 years ago. Please do us all a favor and JUST GO AWAY.

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