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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another of Billy Ray's litter hits the charts

I was in a friendly tavern the other night when I caught a video on one of the TVs that grabbed me immediately - it was one of those carbon-copy emo bands, but the song was so damn catchy I had to go find out who they are.

Turns out I've been missing the boat - the song was "Shake It," the group is Metro Station, and it's been one of the biggest alternative rock hits of the summer. As someone who's attending the Warped Tour on Tuesday, I should be ashamed to have missed this.

Especially because one prominent member of the band is Trace Cyrus, Billy Ray's stepson and Miley's half-sister. Trace was adopted by Billy Ray after he married Trace's mother. So even if he's not biologically one of Billy Ray's litter, the point is these Cyruses are serving notice that they're going to dominate our pop charts for years to come, whether we like it or not.

"Shake It" is everything that I love about good pop music - sweet, satisfying, and disposable. It reminds me of Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue," in that it's a similar-sounding summer hit that the band will probably never be able to equal again. But who cares... let's enjoy it while we can!

Watch now... Trace is the tattooed one who sings the verses.

Video: Metro Station - Shake It


Deena said...

Well apparently I live in a hole too because I hadn't heard this catchy little ditty yet, either. Yay for summer alt-pop hits!

Anonymous said...


trace is soo hot.