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Saturday, November 22, 2008

And all our hopes, and all our friends


November 21, 2008
William Pitt Student Union, Pittsburgh

Seeing the last show of a tour is always an awesome thing. The band is inevitably fired up and goes the extra mile to end the tour on a high note. Last night was no exception, as Brooklyn indie pop superduo Matt & Kim played at the University of Pittsburgh on the final concert of their current road trip. (Personal aside: This was also a significant event for me - my 200th concert.)

"Usually when we play in the Pittsburgh area, we play to about 15 people, so this is amazing!" said Matt to a crowd that numbered more than 200, and from that point on the dance party was in full force. Kim was especially vigorous - "She's had 2 Red Bulls!" said Matt - and the duo played "Yea Yeah," "5K," and "Grand," to a mostly college-age crowd that actually knew most of the words.

As they neared the end of their set, Matt began asking Kim for other song suggestions that weren't on the set list, saying, "It's a Friday night, we don't want this party to end!" They played a few extra numbers, closing with "Silver Tiles," before roaming out into the crowd to dance with their fans for several minutes as the house music (Usher's "Love In This Club") came on. A memorable evening, indeed.

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