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Thursday, December 4, 2008

2009 Grammy nominee reaction

The 2009 Grammy nominees have been announced, and while I could spend plenty of time bashing the selections, let's instead look at what the Academy got right this time.

M.I.A. Though it should've been nominated last year, MIA's "Paper Planes" takes a rightful place in the Record of the Year category. Since the rest of the nominees in that field are crap, I'll be pulling hard for her to win.

Radiohead. Though I still maintain In Rainbows is their weakest effort since the '90s, Radiohead scored five nominations (seven, if you want to count Best Boxed Set Package & Producer of the Year). They usually appear in only the Best Alternative category, so seeing them in Album of the Year and Best Rock Song is quite refreshing.

Lil Wayne. Wayne is clearly the Artist of the Year, so his 8 nominations are deserved.

Jason Mraz. The Academy played a cruel joke on him in 2004, when it asked him to be one of the artists who announced the nominations, which usually means that he's going to get nominated himself (he didn't). So it paid him overdue respect with a Song of the Year nod for "I'm Yours," the year's best chilled-out rock song.

Kathy Griffin. Her campaign to get a Grammy nomination worked! She's up for Best Comedy Album, and she has a pretty good shot at winning, though George Carlin has to be considered the odds on favorite right now.

Rufus Wainwright
. Another one to place in the "overdue recognition" category. I didn't even hear his album of Judy Garland songs, but he deserves the nomination because he's Rufus Wainwright.

Robyn. The Swedish dance artist returned to the scene in a big way and snagged a Best Dance Album nod, beating out Madonna. Konichiwa, bitches!

The Jonas Brothers. Why the hell not? They add some star power to the Best New Artist field. It would be embarrassing if they won, but don't worry, they won't - Duffy is all over that shit.

Slipknot. I love when Slipknot gets nominated, just because seeing them on the red carpet is hilarious.

Stephen Colbert. He's nominated against Sidney Poitier in the Best Spoken Word category, for I Am America (And So Can You!) Maybe he'll win this time, since his award show nemesis Jon Stewart (and Barry Manilow) aren't in the same category.

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant. Alison gets way too many Grammys - she's already won more than any female artist in history, and she'll likely add at least 3 or 4 more to her total. But Raising Sand was a very good album.

Weezer. They get no Grammy respect, I tell ya. But at least they snuck into the Best Music Video field, for "Pork N Beans." Maybe it was the Chris Crocker cameo that sealed the deal?

The full list of nominees in all 110 categories can be found here.

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