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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I take it back: Crystal Castles belong in the top 10

Last week I posted my top 10 CDs of 2008, with the disclaimer that I was uncomfortable posting so early because the year wasn't over. Sure enough, my hesitation has been justified.

Over the past couple of weeks I've revisited the self-titled release from Toronto electronic act Crystal Castles, and it's better than I initially realized.

MP3: Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating (from Crystal Castles)

One other note about my top 10 list - I've discovered that some of my favorite Jay Brannan songs, which I thought were on his CD Goddamned, actually aren't. (This is what I get for not purchasing the physical CD.) So, I've had to drop that disc down a few pegs.

The revised list of my favorite CDs of 2008:
1 Sigur Ros, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
2 Girl Talk, Feed the Animals
3 MGMT, Oracular Spectacular
4 Amanda Palmer, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
5 Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles
6 Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
7 TV On the Radio, Dear Science
8 Lykke Li, Youth Novels
9 Jay Brannan, Goddamned
10 Metro Station, Metro Station


Jay Brannan said...


Scott said...

Hey mister... is that a yikes at my unusual music taste, or a yikes at the fact I dropped you? Either way, I've been giving your disc much love :)

If you ever play a show in Pittsburgh I will promote the hell out of it!

Jay Brannan said...

for THINKING you liked my CD, then realizing you didn't haha

i'm just fucking with u


Scott said...

Haha, sorry to make it sound like a demotion!

Thanks for dropping by!

puff said...

Good call on CC

Anonymous said...

For real, though. That whole album is consistent. I don't get why they're hated on mostly. Even there latest p4k recognition was a dig. M-ereffers are that fire!

kata said...

I might have to change mine up too. I jumped on the Lykke Li bandwagon a bit late but i'm loving this disc.