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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A handful of January mp3s

Matt and Kim

It's January, AKA "dead time" in the world of music blogging. December is great because you can do all sorts of "year in review" stuff, but once January rolls around, nobody of consequence is releasing new music, nobody's touring... it's just dead. You could do one of those "what I'm looking forward to in 2009" posts, but I find those exceedingly boring, and plus, you can't predict what's gonna happen.

To pass the time here are a few new mp3s:

MP3: Matt and Kim - Daylight (from Grand)
On Saturday I went to Lava Lounge and was shocked to hear this song played on their dance night. I didn't think Matt and Kim were big enough for that, but I'm glad they are. This is my favorite Matt and Kim song yet, and it's from their new album, which comes out tomorrow.

MP3: Invade Rome - Pretty Demons (from Light Eyed & Villainous)
This Milwaukee act plays loud rock with a psychedelic twist. Check out their myspace page for more songs from this self-released album.

MP3: Bon Iver - Your Love (live)
Justin Vernon's band dared to cover the gloriously hideous '80s song "Your Love," originally performed by The Outfield. This track is proof that Bon Iver could sing just about anything and have it sound beautiful.

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