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Friday, September 11, 2009

Musician tweet of the week: Billy Ray Cyrus & Ingrid Michaelson

What do the following two tweets have in common?

Billy Ray Cyrus:
You can't loose something you don't have

Ingrid Michaelson:
"i like mcdonalds and lose women"-quote from a brit making fun of us americans.

Incorrect word usage! I'm not a grammar nazi, but I love Twitter because it allows us to see which celebrities can actually spell and form proper sentences. I never thought that "lose" and "loose" were that difficult to tell apart, but apparently they are.

Way to go Billy Ray & Ingrid, partners in illiteracy!



BeckEye said...

Arrrrrgh!!! That drives me insane.

I always wonder if celebrity Twitterers (Twats?) really write their own tweets or if some fan club president is doing it for them.

Scott said...

i think most are doing it themselves.