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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to the charts, Cobra Starship

I was thrilled to see Cobra Starship break into the top 10 this year with "Good Girls Go Bad." I first heard Cobra Starship a few years back, and from that moment I've been surprised at their lack of mainstream success. To me, their songs have always been much more catchy and fun than those of similar bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, etc. How can you not love a band with song titles like "Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous"?

It took hooking up with a Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, for Cobra Starship to finally dent the charts. And now there's no going back.

Hopefully the bandwagon jumpers will dig back into the band's catalog and seek out some of their other good songs. Like...

Video: "Snakes On a Plane" Yes, they sang the theme song on this cult classic.

Video: "Guilty Pleasure" A song title that describes the band perfectly.

Video: "The City is at War" Another synth-pop gem.

Video: "Kiss My Sass" Frontman Gabe Saporta brings sassy back, with help from Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.


Video: "Smile for Paparazzi"
A little Latin-flavored number in which Cobra sing about the paparazzi, long before Lady Gaga ever thought to do so.

Video: "Prostitution is the World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)" Just silly. "You can hate me after you pay me!"


jodi said...

SO TRUE... major guilty pleasure!!! i love cobra starship!

Scott said...

I have to get their new cd... I haven't heard the rest of it yet!