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Friday, September 25, 2009

Musician tweet of the week: Courtney Love

Lots of drama happening on Courtney Love's Twitter page this week. It was reported that on the new Guitar Hero game, you can choose Kurt Cobain as your character, and using that character you can sing anything, from Bon Jovi to 3 Doors Down.

When Courtney heard about this, she flipped out, claiming she hadn't approved Kurt's likeness to be used to sing other band's songs. The CEO of Guitar Hero shot back, saying he had a signed contract, and, "The check has been cashed."

Courtney continued to deny this:

activision say we cashed a check, but i'd like to know who they wrote a check to? we didn't see a dime.

She then went on to bash Dave Grohl, Cobain's bandmate in Nirvana, who had also spoken out against allowing Cobain's character to be used:

DAVE GROHL IS A LEGENDARY COKEHEAD AND I HAVE BEEN SOBER FOR SIX YEARS. it breaks my heart that pat smear hangs out with that assclown.



BeckEye said...

Talking to Courtney Love must be like playing a really long game of "Opposite Day."

Scott said...

And here I thought she'd sobered up.