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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3D concert film featuring Dave Matthews Band & Gogol Bordello hits theaters

Gogol Bordello

The Dave Matthews Band, Gogol Bordello, and Ben Harper & The Relentless7 will be featured in a 3D concert film appearing in theaters for one week. "Larger Than Life..In 3D" plays nationwide from December 11-17.

I've seen Dave Matthews Band live 15 times, but I'm particularly excited about this film because of Gogol Bordello, one of the best live acts in the world right now. I've seen them three times and been blown away each time by their energy and showmanship.

Ben Harper, I've never gotten into, but I do like "Steal My Kisses." Maybe he'll play that.

There are no plans to ever release the film on DVD, so the theatrical run may be the only chance to see it. The film is playing at several Pittsburgh-area theaters. To find out when and where the movie is playing near you, go here.


Anonymous said...

man i just saw the movie and it was the BOMB!!! they bumped the volume n it was a few of us getting their dance on too.. i swear it was like a real concert! Well minus the no-smoking part lol

Scott said...

Funny you use the word bomb, because I saw it at a giant megaplex theater and was literally the ONLY PERSON in the theater. I was thinking 'This is going to be the biggest bomb in the history of movies...'

Hopefully my experience was not typical.