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Monday, December 7, 2009

Amanda Palmer makes a video for Tegan & Sara's "Hell"

Tegan & Sara have a new single called "Hell." My impression? It sounds like the twins have been listening to a bit too much Paramore lately (although the rest of Tegan & Sara's new album is excellent.)

Amanda Palmer, of Dresden Dolls fame, has made her own music video for the song, as she is sometimes fond of doing. It's even better than the original Tegan & Sara version.

Watch and compare the two videos below. Amanda's video is fun because of the reactions of the random passers-by. If you're impressed by Palmer's take, head to YouTube and check out some of the other videos she's made for songs by other artists. My favorite is the one she did for the underrated Avril Lavigne song "Together."

Video: Amanda Palmer's video for Tegan & Sara's "Hell"

Video: Tegan & Sara - "Hell"

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