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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Asher Roth loves college

Read on as I corrupt the youth of America...

By now most people have heard the Asher Roth song "I Love College." I watched this video on YouTube. Someone posted a comment along the lines of, "Hey kids, you realize you can't just party in college like this guy says. You have to work your ass off in order to stay in college if you want to enjoy the parties."

Video: Asher Roth - I Love College

I disagree vehemently. Unless you plan to go to law school or pursue a doctorate, your grades in college are utterly meaningless. No employer will ever ask to see your grades. They just care that you have a degree.

If you only plan to obtain a bachelor's degree, you could party it up as much as you want, squeeze in a little studying every now and then, and sneak through college with Cs and Ds. In fact, I highly recommend taking this path. I wish I had!

So kids, go ahead and follow Asher Roth's advice and live crazy.

(Note that I am not endorsing the quality of the song itself, just its message. The song is rather unimaginative and Asher Roth comes off as a lame Eminem impersonator.)

1 comment:

jodi said...

man i totally agree!!! i partied it up in college... i had a great time and made friends that i still have today.