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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inside Michael Jackson's auction

Michael Jackson is broke. So he's auctioning off some of his belongings. The full collection is here. Here are some of the highlights. Get your bids in now!

Lifesize fiberglass statue of an MTV Video Music Award
Who doesn't need a 6 and a half foot Moonman? Starting price listed at $300-500. If moonmen aren't your thing, he's also got a lifesize Oscar statuette for about the same price.

Acrylic tube socks with rhinestones

From the Jacksons' Triumph tour from the 1980s. Starting price listed at $600-800. What, tube socks are worth more than a lifesize Moonman?

A five-foot tall statue of Wile E. Coyote

Seriously. There's a similar figurine of Daffy Duck for sale as well.

1990 Rolls Royce touring limousine

Now we're talking! Features a full bar and leather seats for six. They're asking $40,000-60,000. What a steal!

Marble statue of a Renaissance girl

Five feet girl, suggested bid $600-800.

Michael's pants from the Jacksons' Victory Tour

Now these are actually cool! I'd rock these even today, walking down Carson Street.

Four-foot tall bronze statue

It's an upside-down boy whose shirt and shorts are falling down. Why in the world would Michael own something like this?

Indonesian puppet with a creepy moustache

Only $200.

The elephant man's bones

No, I jest of course. It's actually a pair of elephant heads to hang on your wall. Not real - made from plaster.

There's lots of other awesome crap in the auction. Go check it out!

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